Saturday, May 21, 2016

Are Microbes in Charge?

After last week's post on the criminally insane habits of those in need of microbes, several recent developments caught my eye and got me wondering, "who's really in charge?"

An unrelated (yet completely related) post by The Homeschooling Doctor about brain development from adolescence through adulthood, a note from Dr. Kadar, DDS concerning a special bacteria found in garden soil, and another note from Wild Cucumber saying that she has resumed blogging at Garbling the Dandelion (Great pics!), all point towards the fact that we need to get down and dirty and embrace our inner overlords.

Turns out there's a special bacteria found ubiquitously in the soil.

Friday, May 13, 2016

RS2, Part Two...Yep, Still in Love! RS4 not so much.

RS2 has been in lots of headlines this week!  Thanks to everyone who keeps me posted on the latest happenings in Resistant Starch Land.

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