Saturday, November 10, 2018

Diet Hacks...New Book?

Faithful Readers;

The last three years have been quite hectic for me. My Potato Hack book continues to be a great success having sold well over 100,000 copies now. I finished a Master's Degree in Biotechnology and started a business, Steele Biotech, providing consulting services to various companies (thank-you cannabis industry!), and also some changes in my day job in the hospital that keeps me hopping. So, I apologize for the slowdown in blog activity, but I still enjoy keeping up with lots of you via email and Facebook.

Winter's Here...a good time to write a book! 

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The reason I'm here tonight...I've had an idea for another book in mind for some time now, and wanted to get your valued opinion. You all (you know who you are!) were instrumental in getting The Potato Hack published, and even the title came from you guys.  What a fun time that was.

The Diet Hack: The book the Diet Industry does not want you to see (working title).

In this book I want to delve into the secrets of Big Diet and deconstruct their methodologies so that people can construct their own Weight Watchers (ooops...WW) or Jenny Craig or Keto and see the same great results as if they paid the average $400/mo that some of these companies charge.  And, I'm also finding some really good/cheap/free diet plans that people might want to know about.

Below you'll see my very rough outline draft and a table of diets I'm looking at.  Please let me know in the comments if there are any other diets you'd like to see discussed and anything else that might make the book a better experience for the reader.

As I work on this this dark and chilly winter, I'll probably drop a few blog posts to get your ideas on some of the chapters as I work them out.


Free (Books + Products)
Low Carb
Beach Body
$99+ memberships
Portion control + exercise + supplements
Biggest Loser
Free (Books + Products)
Low Calorie + exercise
Reduced calorie delivered meals
Body for Life
Free (Book) (Going out of business?)
Low fat + heavy exercise
Free (Books + Products)
Keto + IF
Free (Books + Products)
Low fat
Fast Mimicking Diet
Portion controlled delivered meals
Flat Belly
$19.95/week + books (Defunct website)
Calorie controlled Mediterranean Diet
HCLF- Rusty

High carb low fat + exercise
Varies “reseller programs”
Dietary Supplements
HMR Program
Low cal, low fat meals + supplements + exercise+ support
Ideal Protein
Keto Diet + delivered foods + support
Jenny Craig
$99 Enrollment, $19.95 monthly, $450/mo for food
Delivered low calorie food. DNA Service soon

Keto + Low calorie
Lifestyle modification
McDougall’s Starch Solution
Free (Books)
Vegan low fat
$400+ monthly
Food supplements + Support
Delivered meals/calorie controlled
$7.95 - $49.95/mo membership + books
Vegan + Whole foods + Lifestyle modifications
Free (Books)
Low fat whole food + lifestyle modification
Primal Blueprint
Free (Books)
Low carb/keto + exercise
Rosemary Conley
Calorie control + Support
Slim Fast
Meal replacement shakes
Slimming World
Calorie counting + support
South Beach
Delivered low carb
Lifestyle modification + Support + Apps
Free (Books)
Calorie control
Weight Watchers
Calorie counting + support
Wheat Belly
Free (Books)
Low carb
Whole 30
Free (Books)
Whole food
Free (Book)
Low fat + Whole food + Supplements

Non-branded eating styles

Low Calorie

Low Carb

Low Fat


Plant Based






Rough Outline:

Part 1 Diet Physiology
Chapter 1 – Weight loss diets. Why we diet. A universal diet.  Fad diets.  The Diet Industry. Diet Religions.
Chapter 2 – The Western Diet.  Why we get fat.  CICO. Diseases of Obesity.
Chapter 3 – Co-factors with diet: Exercise, sleep, and stress.
Chapter 4 – Genetics (  Body types.  Unrealistic expectations.
Chapter 5 - How to lose weight. Elements of a healthy weight loss diet.
Part 2 Hacking The Diets
Chapters xx – Ways of Eating
Chapters xx  - Branded Diets
Chapters xx – Non-branded Diets/Diet Books
Part 3 Keeping it off
Chapter x – Weight Loss Maintenance
Chapter x – Disease Management
Chapter x – Gut Health
Chapter x – Exercise and Lifestyle

Addendum to add pdf of a paper (via dropbox) that Wilbur mentioned in comments: