Monday, July 14, 2014

Diabetes Warrior Part 4

30 Day Test of Blood Sugar with Resistant Starch 12

I have been and continue to experiment with Resistant Starch. Part of the ‘set up’ for the experiment was a recording of my Blood Sugar for 30 Days… pre-Resistant Starch, click here to see that post. I averaged a little over 80 mg/dl for the 30 day period.
Now begins the recording of 30 days since Resistant Starch (RS)… and comparing the two. Keep in mind, before I began recording ‘with resistant starch’, I had already been taking (4) TBS of RS for 28 days. It’s generally recommended to take it for 2-4 weeks, I played it safe by waiting 4 weeks.
Here is my results in chart form, through day 7, (I’ll update this periodically)
The Blue Line is the overnight fasting blood sugar number before Resistant Starch.
The Red Line is the overnight fasting blood sugar number with Resistant Starch.
As you can see the chart favors the first 7 days of Resistant Starch … so far. :)
a) Out of 7 days, the RS numbers were lower except for two days. One was a tie and one was higher.
b) Notice the ‘flatter’ chart of the RS line, all the numbers are between 70-80. My body seems to really like this range.
c) Day 5, I actually had a 74 mg/dl reading … that’s the DAY AFTER a “Big Ole Potato Test“, where I shaved off 100 pts after eating a large potato.
day 7 combo
Below is a look at the raw numbers. (Note: You can view the actual spreadsheet anytime. (Click Here)
day 7 data
Seven Days in a ROW!!!! … of sub 80 mg/dl. I can dig it!
And almost a 4 pt difference per day … it’s early, but the heat is ON! ;)
If you are new to Resistant Starch here are a few resources.
My Intro Post
A Tag for all Resistant Starch posts on this site.
Resistant Starch Primer from Richard Nikoley and Free The

That’s it! I’ll continue posting BG for next 23 days and I’ll continue to do experiments with highER carb foods.

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