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Diabetes Warrior Part 3

Big Ole Tater – Resistant Starch Test 21

Potato with sour cream and Kerry Gold Butter. Seasoned with salt and pepper.
Potato with sour cream and Kerry Gold Butter. Seasoned with salt and pepper.
I am now into day 31 of my Resistant Starch experiment, read this if you have no idea what I’m talking about, “My Personal Resistant Starch Experiment“.
I will only say this twice … in this post.
This is NOT about eating ‘safe starches’. Get that forever out of your mind. People who think that it is… are harming (if not themselves) those who may benefit from Resistant Starch.
I’ve been eating (4) TBS of resistant starch for 31 days. For the last four days my Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar has been below 80 mg/dl. I take no drugs and no insulin, I was once on both drugs and insulin.
Two of the most important purposed benefits of Resistant Starch are improved insulin resistance & glucose processing.
Today I tested these benefits, with a highER carb food. A big ole tater. Before I get into the numbers of this test…
back on 11/5/13 I ate a ‘big ole tater’ and my blood sugar shot up to 264 mg/dl. … I was shocked it went that high to be honest.
What would my blood sugar be today? … let’s find out.
70 Pre Potato

The Test

I woke up this morning at 76 mg/dl, my 4th day in a row below 80 mg/dl.

I cooked the potato and then tested my blood sugar at Noon. I was 70 mg/dl.

After eating the potato, butter and sour cream … I began to work. I was sitting.
Thirty Minutes after I began eating I read 132 mg/dl … I wasn’t excited but I wasn’t disappointed either. I ate a lot of fat with the potato and often times when I test a highER carb food with a lot of fat, my blood sugar has continued going up well into the 2nd hour…. so I was concerned not knowing where the blood sugar levels would go from here.
One Hour after eating. The last time I ate potato I read 264 mg/dl at the 1 hour mark.
This is an important point of the test … HOWEVER, even if my blood sugar is lower than 264 mg/dl … it could still continue to go higher later so there was still a lot of meat left on the bone… so to speak. :)
BAM! 163 mg/dl … 101 points lower than my previous Potato Experiment!!!!
HOWEVER as noted above, would my blood sugar continue to rise? Or begin it’s descent?

90 Minutes
after eating. My blood sugar was on it’s way down!!! Woo HOO! 149 mg/dl. The 100 point ‘haircut’ appeared to be safe! :) Still, it was not a huge drop and due to high fat content, I have seen a double dip before heading up … so the test was still not over. 149
I tested a couple more times at 30 minute increments … my blood sugar continued a very slow decline. Not to belabor the point but this is to be expected given the high fat content of the meal.
Three Hours After Eating I had a 95 mg/dl, at this point the test is ‘done’. WooT! :)


So what can we glean from this ‘first of many’ tests of highER carb foods?
Just so you know, for me… eating starch is like pouring sugar down my throat. As you can see, the spike was quick and fierce.
I did improve my blood sugar by 101 mg/dl … I am EXCITED about that! 163 mg/dl is MUCH better than a 264 mg/dl.
I had no idea what to expect, I would have preferred a 120 mg/dl … that’s very unlikely but who knows what the future holds… I might just get there. :)
I have tested high fat, high carb foods in the past and as noted, my blood sugar would continue to rise for 2+ hours. That did not happen this time, so that is yet another HUGE PLUS!
In closing, I have definitely seen enough here today to continue experimenting with resistant starch. I take Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch as Richard Nikoley suggested.
This experiment nor this test is about ‘safe starches’ … I know that potato, rice, yams and sweet potatoes raise my blood sugar, I’ve tested them before. THIS is about experimenting with ‘resistant starch’.
I want to THANK Richard Nikoley again for pushing the benefits of Resistant Starch, Here is his Primer.

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