Monday, November 13, 2017

Unconventional Medicine

Chris Kresser, Lac

Chris Kresser has long been one of my favorite bloggers.  With an acupuncturist (Lac) background, Chris operates one of the biggest naturopathic practices in the US. He freely shares information on his website.  He writes articles instead of blog posts, and many times has guest authors writing these articles. One of my favorites was an article written by Dr. Amy Nett, MD; How Resistant Starch Will Help to Make You Healthier and Thinner. Poor Dr. Nett was just not prepared for the interest generated by RS and she received over 600 comments!  What fun I had explaining how RS works.

I share and send people to Kresser's articles more than any other. He's generally spot-on and looks at things in a fair and balanced way. As long as I've been following him, he never opts for sensationalist headlines, but always manages to pump out current and appropriate material, like his discussion of Wildfires and Air Quality last month.  Some of my favorites and most shared over the years:

Plus his 10 free ebooks that you can get for just sharing your email with him.

Joe Rogan

Chris did me a real solid last week when he was on the Joe Rogan podcast. While they talked for almost 3 hours about every health topic under the sun, at the 1 hour 5 minute point, they started talking about Resistant Starch and The Potato Hack. Chris Kresser gave a perfect, short description of the diet and my book, and sounded really, really convincing!  I almost started believing it might work myself, haha.

Bottom line, this video was seen by well over a million people in the days since its been on air. Sales of the Potato Hack are at all time highs and my phone's been ringing off the hook by people asking about the potato hack, RS, and everything in between. I thought what a better way to repay him than with a review of Kresser's new book.

Unconventional Medicine 

Unconventional Medicine: Join the Revolution to Reinvent Healthcare, Reverse Chronic Disease, and Create a Practice You Love, (Available on Amazon)

I haven't read it yet, but from what I have heard Chris Kresser's latest book (released last week) is a wonderful discussion about the problems of the US health care system and solutions, most of which don't require a doctor at all!  A must-read for anyone wanting to start their own medical practice, doctors and health care professionals, but everyone who reads it should come away richer for the experience. Chris uses examples from his thriving practice to illustrate the problems in a very personal way. Listen to the full Joe Rogan podcast to hear Chris and Joe discuss the book.

Unconventional Medicine is a perfect follow-up to his last best-seller, The Paleo Cure

Get it on Amazon!

Happy Fall!

I hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for winter. We had a great gardening season here in North Pole, Alaska but we're now under a foot of snow. I'll try to write more this winter once things settle down here. I have a great gut story to tell you!



  1. Hi Tim! I also think Chris Kresser is an undiscovered jewel. I have read some articles on his site by Dr. Nett. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  2. +1 (and thanks for getting back to your blog!)

  3. That's great, Tim! Just great! All around!

  4. Glad to see you blogging again, looking forward to the New Year!

  5. I am unsure if I am posting in the right location but I will try anyway. If it isn't, perhaps someone could let me know where to ask these two questions.

    I just read a review of Tim's excellent book but it left me confused. This could totally be 'operator error' but I am hoping someone will either tell me where it is or tell me I dreamed it. A very long time ago when I first started becoming aware of the potato hack and Tim, I thought that I read that during Tim's research, he discovered that the Irish prison system was using potatoes as its sole source of nourishment for its prison population and based on the recorded results of that protocol, Tim learned that it was very useful for people of normal weight, thin people, and overweight people. I have been unable to locate that writing since I read the review. My computer had a meltdown in 2015 and I lost everything that I had saved in OneNote and other places that I kept things I was interested in so all my searches in my own stuff have yielded nothing. So if someone could let me know if I dreamed this or if my memory is actually recalling a factual event, I would deeply appreciate it.

    The other question involves oil pulling. Back in 2002, I had the most gorgeous veneers put on my very ugly teeth and love them today. Back in 2006-2008, we lost everything but kept plugging on. However, my every 6 week teeth cleaning to keep the plaque at bay had to end. In 2008, I began oil pulling with coconut oil which worked like a charm. The plaque dissolved. The pockets went away. It was amazing. Then it dawned on me that I have veneers and began my quest to learn if oil pulling would dissolve the adhesive/protocol used to bond the veneers to what was left of my teeth. After an incredibly bad encounter with a dentist in Florida, I just dropped it. But reading Tim's article about oil pulling with sesame oil brought back the desire to learn more. So my question is, does anyone know if oil pulling will hurt my veneers. My oral health has deteriorated to the point that I need to do something. However, I am loath to give up my pretty teeth as I have no economic means to replace them. So thanks in advance on both questions. I deeply appreciate the responses to come.