Saturday, October 8, 2016

Let's Get Political! Hillary? Donald? Resistant Starch!

If you are as sick of the election as I am, let's all shift gears and vote for something that really matters: Resistant Starch.

[tl/dr - click this link and sign the petition to allow health claims on foods containing RS]

The FDA has been sitting on a petition to approve a health claim that resistant starch may help prevent diabetes. This petition was sent to the FDA in March 2015, and they've just announced that for the third time, they will again delay their ruling...with absolutely no explanation why. We are in a position to change this!  All you have to do is VOTE.

A petition is live as of this morning at This petition reads, in part:

U.S. FDA: Rule on the petition that resistant starch reduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Awareness and utilization of all sources of resistant starch could benefit from an FDA-approved health claim – not just resistant starch sourced from corn, but also resistant starch from green bananas, beans, peas, potatoes and intact whole grains.

I am asking you to sign this petition to ask the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to issue their ruling on the health claim petition that resistant starch helps to reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

To read the entire petition, please visit, and simply sign it online. 

Rhonda Witwer, another RS supporter, and frequent commenter at VeggiePharm, instituted this petion in response to the FDA's non-action. Rhonda has been instrumental in spreading the word on the importance of resistant starch in the human diet.

You can read the full-text of the initial petition here:

Petition Pursuant To Section 403(r)(4), Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act, and 21 CFR 101.70 – Petitions for Health Claims High-Amylose Maize Starch (Containing Type 2 Resistant Starch) and Reduced Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Submitted to the Food and Drug Administration Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition March 26, 2015.

The entire purpose of the original petition to the FDA was to approve the following health claims to be used on foods containing resistant starch derived from high-amylose corn:

Consumption of high-amylose maize resistant starch may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

And also:

Consumption of high-amylose maize resistant starch, a type of dietary fiber, may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Please keep in mind, this is not just about corn starch! This is the start of a health revolution that we have been part of here at VegetablePharm for the last couple years, and also one that has been widely publicized throughout the nutrition world, thanks mostly to the posts of Richard Nikoley at Free the Animal.

As it stands, the FDA does not even recognize resistant starch as a source of fiber, despite over 30 years of research that RS is a very powerful builder of the gut biome. At the present time, anyone taking a resistant starch supplement like raw potato starch or Hi-Maize corn starch most likely got the idea from Richard Nikoley or me. If the FDA approves this petition, it would mean the beginning of real change in the nutrition world. Foods would be tested and labeled for their RS content and consumers would be able to choose foods high in RS.

Until then, we have this:

Please help make a difference!  Visit and sign the petition.  It's free and takes literally 30 seconds.

I've invited Rhonda Witwer, the originator of the petition to drop by in the comments in case anyone has any questions for her concerning the petition, high-amylose corn starch, or anything else.



  1. Fabulous post Tim! I love the political context - you always make things interesting! Thanks so very much for your help. The FDA does not like to issue monopoly health claims and I am hopeful that they will approve the claim for natural sources of RS2 and RS3 resistant starch, even though the company manufacturing resistant corn starch asked that it be limited to only their type of resistant starch. We will have to see what happens, but their ruling will definitely help a broader array of organizations recognize resistant starch for its benefits in managing blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity.

  2. One additional note - You stated "As it stands, the FDA does not even recognize resistant starch as a source of fiber, despite over 30 years of research that RS is a very powerful builder of the gut biome." It's a bit more complicated - some types of resistant starch test as fiber and have been used as fiber in foods for a long time. For instance, Barilla's High Fiber White Pasta, available in every grocery store in the country, has resistant starch in it, but promotes its fiber content, not its resistant starch content.

    In addition, the testing methods for resistant starch have changed a lot over the years, and they are getting quite good at measuring all types of RS now. That has not always been the case. Starch is tricky - as you know the digestibility changes with heat and cooking and even most of the old fashioned fiber guys are finally coming around to recognize resistant starch as a credible fiber. You should have seen the many-year fights within the international fiber committees over the newly recognized definitions of fiber. Talk about political - the old fashioned non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) guys made a sneaky manuever at one of the major conferences and it took two years for the rest of the scientific community to roll it back to the broader incorporation of fermentable fibers in the official fiber definition.

    At another conference, I proposed that the scientists develop a metric to compare the fermentability of different types of fibers (as suggested by the FDA) and that proposal was shut down so quickly by one of the old fiber guys that my head started spinning.

    1. Dear Rhonda, That is too bad that some of the proposals are sidelined. I've read some papers that kind of reflect the "squabbling." I wish that health teachers were educated on this stuff and then could incorporate it into the required health class in high school. Catch the kids and teach them about fiber/fermentable fibers/resistant starch.

      Anyhow, way to go to bat.

    2. Here's a great New York Times article from this week:
      "Why Did the Obamas Fail to Take On Corporate Agriculture?"

      It explains how the Obama's plans were always stopped by Big Snacks. From the article:

      "As Big Food partnered with Michelle Obama in her war on obesity, it engaged in a campaign against any new law or regulation that threatened its freedom to make and market junk food."

      hattip: Debbie

  3. We can't hold our breath. They've been debating and playing games with sunscreen guidelines for about 2 decades (too much influence from the cosmetic corps). Many of us got tired of waiting, so we've looked to Australia, the UK and Asia and order effective products from overseas.

  4. The Illuminati control everything. They know that Resistant Starch will cure us and prevent them from administering their mind control compounds hidden in drugs by the Pharmaceutical Conspiracy they use to generate huge profits for themselves while they bankrupt the common person. The only answer is to fight for ourselves. Hoard Resistant Starch and be prepared for the day when the government takes it all away from us. You've been warned! RS Armeggedon is here!


    1. RSmageddon! We'd better move to the wilderness of Alaska where we can pick RS from the trees.

    2. In Japan they are known as the Illuminatto.

    3. Illuminatto, lol. They are all slimy.

  5. more:

    ....To be clear, the FDA may delay releasing a decision on the resistant starch/Type 2 Diabetes petition for months, if not years. In the meantime, eighty six million Americans have Prediabetes and most of them do not know it. Without intervention, 15-30% of Prediabetics will progress to Type 2 Diabetes within 5 years. In the long run, approximately 70% of Prediabetics eventually develop Type 2 Diabetes if they continue with their current lifestyle and diet. Individuals who are older, overweight and have other diabetes risk factors are more likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes
    ...Prediabetes is also expensive. A 2014 Diabetes Care study estimated that prediabetes costs $44 billion annually. In fact, the economic burden associated with diabetes exceeded $433 billion in 2012, or more than $1,000 for each American in 2012. It is also 48% more than the cost of the economic burden in 2007. If you think health care is too expensive right now – just wait to see what your healthcare is going to cost after the incidence of diabetes doubles!

    1. Thanks! Hope you signed the petition. Rhonda told me it is going to take thousands of signatures before the FDA will take it seriously.

  6. The illuminati (freemasons, zionists/fakejews) control everything (99% of media, that includes the alternative media trough which you may slowly pick up real truths). I'm a month and a half into the awakening process. I must have taken the red pill 3 times already.
    Oh, did you know the earth is flat (definitely not a spinning baal)? Me neither, but now I do. And if you don't.. brace yourself, its a very inconvenient truth. The things i discovered i view as 10x more important than my multiyears of paleomindedness, and that says alot. Just to realise that we live in a lie (nasa is a lie, darwinism is a lie, ..) and that the future is not going to be pretty (internet censoring as of oct 1st, the handover from us to un, is in my view a big beginning of the endgame, It all goes steadily incrementally)... In the end (i don't proclaim to be there yet) you know there's not much you/we can do to change it, but knowing full truth really does seth you free (but can be a painfull process too).

    With flat earth it probably only begins, really. if you (normally skepticly-openmindedly folks like you here), decide to research flat earth (youtube), i advise you to be leary/aware of the 'flat earth society' (they're shills meant to gatekeepe truth). Eric dubay has some very good vids on the subject (though he's probably a shill too).
    Most of you probably should better first look up (youtube) freemasonry etc (and be skeptical of everything, cause its truly a satanic world we live in).

    The election is just a totally staged shitshow of a circus anyway (trump is not your guy folks, he's one of them. Look up 66th floor trump tower. And how he throws up 666 whole time. Those that may have heard of or follow infowars, sorry to dissapoint you..). I used to be a coincidence theorist. Now almost entirely the opposite. We really do live in the matrix

    (It's Mister Meat ;), i've tried to post several times, sry if multiple posts)

    1. Sounds like you need to start a blog!

    2. Thats about the last thing on my mind. I'll be glad if I get my life sorted out.
      As you might have discerned, I've had a rough 2 years (or should i say life). I owe you an apology for my last emails, tim. I was in full psychosis at that point. Honestly, if i hadn't discovered the things i discovered back in sept, i wouldn't be here anymore (my life was ruined).
      I remember, the first video that began it all was this one: the hidden secrets of money, episode 4 (talks about how the federal reserve is owned by private bankers who essentially make counterfeit money, and we pay back interest on money that doesn't even exist. The real money is gold&silver. Its all a scam. We're all slaves to the system. A system which migh as well could be very different and make the world prosper, with real reasons it not being so)

      I'm now at a point where it can go 2 directions, after 2 years I finally have a way of obtaining low dose naltrexone, i'm in dire need for it. lately been researching some more (after a year of doing nothing, because of those lobotomizing anti-psychotics) and found some amazing stuff about opioid system. wish i was at this point 2 years ago

      The endorphin system is fully responsible for the onset of psychosis (specifically it has to do with the dynorphins and receptors, which influence the endorphin system). Autistics are very much more prone to getting psychosis (so ive been told). guess what: autistics have endorphin levels of less than 30% of normal, and essentially my (as i have 'light autism') receptor system has been wrecked. Stress is a main breaker of this system (few people have expierenced more multifaceted stress in their life than me, that i can tell you). Also, i found on a site where they run exorphins tests (gluten, casein, spinach, soy, FUNGUS) that in 5% of the specimen there where fungal exorphins to be found. These fungal exorphins are said to be especially superdestructive to the endorphin receptors (makes them almost entirely resistant).
      Lets just say that this component of the immune system is an essential piece of the puzzle, that i astonishingly never learned about in my paleoyears, other than superficially pain/addiction/happyhormone. Have you heard of the dppiv enzyme, tim?

      So you have the gut/.. flora which is fundamental. But the opioid system could be even more crucial, especially to those not healing. Low dose naltrexone allows your opioid system to run very smoothly. It does it like no other, because in a lot of (unsimple) cases trying to modulate your gut flora only goes so far to impact improve the immune system (combo is best ofcourse).

      I wouldn't be surprised if the last thing that i get my hands on, would turn out to work wonderfully (and i've done absolutely everything) knowing how the system works.

      Sorry if you feel this isn't relevant or anything


    What do you think? Always looking for new fibers!


    1. I'm a big fan of acacia fiber. Acacia is in the pea family, and it originates from a very small area of the world in Australia and New Zealand. Acacia is undoubtedly a superfood of the region.

      Acacia was discovered by the ancient Egyptians who scoured the world looking for magical plants and coveted as food and medicine.

    2. I'm going to try it. I'm having great success with Inulin so far. I don't like to make correlations, but since upping my intake to 3 heaping teaspoons, my energy has gone up a lot - and it wasn't as if it had been low.

      Always good to feel good!

      Do you feel Magnesium Stearate is an additive poison to be avoided?

  8. This just in:💀'Peeled: The Potato Resurrection Official Trailer (2016)'
    2:09 some comments-Richard Aspden-
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    This is my #1 fear considering all the potatoes I have ruthlessly devoured.
    -Dan "Always Has To Think About How To Spell Potatoes" Wich

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    Daniel Nield-I love everything about this. Just perfection.
    Very a-peeling.

    fudgesauce-Someone needs to do a mash up of this.
    If you approve, say "eye".

    Omno Mnom-A Latvian's true nightmare.

  9. BTW: Let's Get are FUNNY!

  10. Dear Tim,

    I am not posting about this blog's topic. But, since I live in NYS and both candidates are from NYS, I am requesting deference!

    Hillary and Donald are both down-staters and we up-staters quickly remind everybody that they both come from "down there somewhere."

    My husband (he is the organic beekeeper whom I introduced to you briefly on your website more than a year ago) may have Lyme Disease. There is a small 1" diameter ring on his neck that came after mowing the lawn, beekeeping or letting the black cat sleep on his neck (which is a popular position around here ...and the black cat almost never goes outside, except he escaped this one time. Go figure.)

    Unbeknownst to many, upstate NYS is one of the top areas for Lyme in the US.

    He had Lyme before and the antibiotics did work (one side developed mild paralysis, the pills worked.)

    But, that was before we started Paleo. Now we have been doing great on a Paleo kind of diet for 3+ years, with ferments, 24-hour organic yogurt, grass fed, cooked-and-cooled you-know-what and building up our biomes.

    (Ok, there, I touched upon the topic at hand...)

    And he got off all diabetes meds and high blood pressure meds within one month of starting Paleo, BTW.

    He does not know what to do.

    The doc will simply throw antibiotics for a one month period, with no testing. That is what they do around here.

    And, it may NOT be Lyme. His symptoms could be stuff relating to fall and winter coming on.

    But there is this ring... ...and he is a lot more tired... with slight numbing on one side...

    Can you, or anyone else, offer thoughts?

    How to protect the biome?

    What to do?

    Any places I can go read up?

    This is a HUGE problem anyplace in NY that is NOT NYC. I have cut back on gardening because of tics and no longer hike in the Adirondacks.

    Back yards are no longer tic free. (And our city will NOT allow chickens.)

    Any help, thoughts, will be greatly appreciated.


    1. Laura

      I've heard very good things about Stephen Harrod Buhner's herbal protocol for Lyme. I've read some of his other work, he's a knowledgeable guy and I would imagine the protocol would be more protective of the microbiome than Abx. His books are here:

      The herbs he recommends are available from an associate of his here:

      Hope this helps, and good luck.

    2. Sorry, I know next to nothing about Lyme Disease except it is hard to diagnose and treat. Best, probably, to follow doctor's orders and eat really good (while, high-fiber) foods while taking antibiotics.

    3. Dear Laura,

      I am a chronic Lyme sufferer, but getting better. When I was at my sickest I researched probably 12 hours a day for several years. I HATE abx, but if someone has a fresh bite - it is worth the try of doxy. (No abx from the fluroquinilone family, though.) I wouldn't wait to test. BTW - standard tests are garbage. Only 2 labs in the states have a decent test and it's not covered by insurance. Really, though, I wouldn't wait.

      After the abx (which won't kill all the bugs), get the gut back in gear and let your immune system finish them off, or at least keep them in check.

      I've only treated naturally, because I didn't get dx until years after I had it. Abx at that point wouldn't be very helpful.

      Buhner's stuff is OK, but as with 99% of alternative treatments people get better but they don't get well.

      I'm really hoping getting my gut in shape is the final piece of the puzzle.

      Just my 5 cents. Feel free to toss it.

  11. just educate yourself about food; why do you need the state to give it the ok?

    1. "just educate yourself about food; why do you need the state to give it the ok?"

      This blog is for the people who are willing to educate themselves. The other 390 million people may benefit from food labels that list foods as "high in RS."

    2. And then you have to deal with:

      BTW - Congratulations Tim on your 30 days!