Monday, February 29, 2016

Mr. Potatohacker: Thank You!

This morning my inbox was full of links to a stock market blog where the blog host discussed the harms of an all-potato diet. "Mr. Potatohead: Fork You."  The person writing this post was commenting on Richard Nikoley's recent adventures in potato hacking in which he has lost a phenomenal amount of weight by eating mostly boiled potatoes: The Potato Diet Practicalities: Dropping Big Weight Fast With High Energy and Without Hunger.

Some quotes from the Mr. Potatohead article:

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Potato Hack Book

Hi all - I set a goal this year to write a potato hack book. I figured it would take me a while and I'd be ready to publish it in November to coincide with graduation. Well, I had a little too much time on my hands this winter and finished the book early. It has 55,818 words, or about 240 pages worth of potato hacking information.

This is going to be on Amazon's Kindle eBook-store, and also in soft-cover. Supposedly it will be offered for free download when you have a subscription, and then later maybe for $6-8. Not exactly sure how that all works, but it has to be under $10 to qualify for certain conditions. I'm not doing this to get rich, just for fun.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Potato Hacking for Weight Loss or Maintenance

It's been fun so far seeing lots of new folks around here, and even some old-timers, trying the potato hack. We'll get into the science later in the year, I wanted to start out with the practicalities of using the potato hack to lose some weight. Later, we'll discuss using the potato hack to reset your metabolism, reduce inflammation, and other effects, but for now, we'll focus on weight loss.

The potato hack has undeniable physiological effects on the overweight body. We can use these effects to lose and maintain weight effortlessly. Weight loss is normally achieved through some strict calorie counting scheme or manipulating the macronutrients (protein, fat, carb) to force a calorie deficit. Weight loss without a change in diet or a deficit is usually an empty promise.