Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Primal Psychologist loves my RS!

Psychologists understand the Brain-Gut Connection!  -Tim


The importance of resistant starch

I have read about the many benefits of including resistant starch in the diet from The Perfect Health Diet which I have posted about before. Resistant starch is starch that is actually not absorbed or digested by our body.

Therefore, it leaves it free to feed our good friendly bacteria in our gut making it a natural prebiotic. Probiotics populate the gut with good bacteria and prebiotics feed them. Unfortunately, the foods that contain the most resistant starch are not the most appetizing such as green bananas and raw potatoes. But, I recently found away around this problem thanks to which is a site I love. She recommends including potato starch or plantain starch to provide the therapeutic amounts needed of resistant starch without having to consume ample amounts of carbohydrates. She also talks about all of the benefits that it can bring to your health. I started including 1 tablespoon of Bob’s Red Mill potato starch in my morning smoothie as it is recommended to start out small and then increase. So far, it seems to really help with digestion. I plan on continuing to use it and perhaps try the plantain starch next as this is what she uses now to see if my body prefers one over the other. I would use caution if you suspect you have SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrowth) as you would not want to feed bad bacteria. I would take prebiotics first and lots of fermrented foods, get the SIBO under control, then try resisant starch. Good luck!

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