Thursday, August 21, 2014

PS is 'Perfectly Paleo"

Almost done!  Only a couple more to go... -Tim

Today's piece is from: Perfectly Paleo

Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch 680g

Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch 680gPerfectly Paleo - Bobs Red Mill Potato Starch Unmodified

Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch. If you’re looking to incorporate resistant starch into your diet, this unmodified potato starch is an easy and convenient way to do so. Resistant starch is a starch that resists digestion by regular digestive enzymes in the stomach. Passing undigested through to the colon, it will undergo fermentation, promoting good gut flora.

There are lots of benefits to introducing resistant starch into a paleo or primal lifestyle. It has been suggested that resistant starch naturally increases butyrate in the body, more so than other prebiotics. As well as promoting good colon health, it is also said to improve insulin sensitivity, lower insulin and glucose levels after meals and help to aid good sleep.

1 tablespoon provides approximately 8g of resistant starch, and so start off by introducing one or two tablespoons a day. Add to water or smoothies for a convenient way to incorporate resistant starch into your diet.
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