Saturday, July 12, 2014

Vegetable Pharm

This is my secret blog.  If you stumble across it, leave me a note...I'm curious how this works.  Maybe one day I'll turn it into a real blog. 

This is me:

Success Story: Tim Steele (Tatertot)

You 've known him from dozens of posts about resistant starch and the many comments. Perhaps you saw his hunting and fishing success here.
IMG 1146
  Moose in the garden
Halibut, Bass and Goldeneyes
But here's what he looked like in 2009 at over 230 pounds.
Tim Before
Tim After
I think he clocks in at about 160 pounds, now. Also, from very bad blood glucose regulation in the pre-diabetic or solidly diabetic ranges, to normal.
Good thing he keeps it very low carb and especially, no starches of any kind. ;)
This will serve as my last post for 2013. Totally fitting, if you ask me. The value of Tim's collaboration over most of this year has, to my mind, changed many things about this blog, many things about my approach to it. All good. May 2014 be very interesting and I say that having some idea of just how interesting it's going to be. Here's a clue, with 15 hours yet to go in the year.


  1. Not so secret any more! Found you via Art Ayers. Very much looking forward to reading your thoughts, esp. as you work on that Masters degree.

    Ancestral biotech - catchy :) I'm in the wilds of Quebec, surrounded by and sampling as many wild & muddy foods as I can. Maybe we should swap dandelion recipes some day!

    1. Ha! I love dandelions. My Grandpa used to eat them every spring, we thought he was nuts, now I eat them every spring... Once other veggies start getting ripe I have less desire for dandelions, but they start getting bitter anyway as the summer goes on. Perfect Spring Tonic, though. Full of inulin. Probably one of those foods that can shift a biome from Winter Mode to Summer Mode.

  2. I've been following you on a bunch of other blogs. Glad you've got your own now.

    Your 7 steps to cure SIBO at Animal Pharm worked for me when doctors didn't. I started taking potato starch in November and have really seen drastic changes in my health since. Still working on seasonal allergies, food sensitivities, and blood glucose control.

    1. The 7 Steps were all Dr. BG's. I just helped her write up detailed descriptions of each step. Glad they helped.


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