Sunday, July 27, 2014

Silicone RS

I have no idea who this guy is, but he came up on Google, so here ya go!  -Tim

Silicone Investor

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Quite a buzz lately about Resistant Starch and self experimentation with Bob's Red Mill Potato Starch.

As always, Richard is right in the middle of it , dropping F-bombs just because he can, and trying to monetize his blog by being in the mix of a controversial issue regarding paleo diets and low carb in general.

Never the less, very interesting reading and reported anecdotal results so far.

A Resistant Starch Primer For Newbies

The benefits most commonly touted are: lowered fasting BG, BG blunting, better sleep, increased energy, well being and calm, mental clarity, vivid dreams, curing of chronic constipation and infrequency, soft stools, satiation with gentle hunger, and increased body temperature (I think I got them all...let me know if I missed any).The problems most commonly reported are: flatulence and headache. Most have reported having flatulence, but for most it diminishes over time. It seems most prominent when taken with food and least when taken in water on an empty stomach. Taken with beans can be a hilarious experience if you're up for it. For some, going periods of 2-3 days now & then without supplementing seems to help get beyond it. Headaches have only been reported by a handful of people. One or two reported intestinal distress, but I chalk that up to oversensitivity to flatulence.Most of the studies use 30g of potato starch, which is 4 tablespoons. Above 60g will probably pass on through. Many have begun with 1TBS per day, and increased up to 4 each week. However, dose, frequency, how it's administered (with food, kefir, yogurt—cool or warm—or just water by itself) is something each person has to experiment and figure out for themselves

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