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Resistant Starch Revealed with Richard Nikoley and Tim Steele – Podcast #124

Tim Steele and Richard Nikoley
Resistant starch… sounds interesting! And you’ve probably heard mention of it lately, but do you really know what it is? On this episode of Bulletproof Radio, hear Resistant Starch experts, Richard Nikoley and Tim Steele, talk about what it is and how to use it. The show is packed with key insights about how to figure out your own gut biome from potato starch to fecal transplants. Sound gross? It is, and fascinating! Plus you’ll hear the top 3 probiotics we can all start taking right now to improve our gut flora.
Richard Nikoley is a former Navy officer, successful entrepreneur, and creator of the highly informative blog Free The Animal. He is joined by Tim Steele, aka “Tater Tot” (a nickname hinting at his experimentation with potatoes). Tim has helped the re-emergence of resistance starch as a guest writer on Free The Animal and Dr. Grace Liu’s blog, Animal Pharm.

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What You’ll Hear

  •   0:10 – Cool Fact of the Day!
  •   1:11 – Welcome Richard Nikoley
  •   2:05 – Welcome Tim Steele aka Tater Tot
  •   3:30 – Resistant starch (RS) defined
  •   5:26 – Difference between resistant and non-resistant starch
  • 13:55 – How does RS affect what is in the gut biome?
  • 14:05 – Potato starch as litmus test
  • 19:25 – Varying your dose
  • 22:15 – Fecal transplant tourism
  • 27:15 – Ketosis
  • 30:58 – 3 key probiotic brands
  • 45:20 – Tim’s personal gut species
  • 52:54 – How to raise BDNF (see quick guide below)
  • 58:57 – Top three recommendations for kicking more ass and being Bulletproof! We get six in this episode!

Quick Reference Guide

  • What is Resistant Starch? – When the starch is not cooked they “resist” digestion and reach the large intestine without being damaged.
  • Resistant Starch Types: RS1 (nuts and grains preserved by a shell), RS2 (green bananas and potato starch), RS3 (made from RS2 when it’s cooked and will resist digestion when cooled), RS4 (man-made/synthetic).
  • How to Raise BDNF: blueberries, intermittent fasting, exercise, yoga, going in and out of ketosis, and high intensity interval training (HIIT).


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Click here to view the transcript of #124 with Richard Nikoley and Tim Steele

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