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Is Bob's Red Mill PS a GMO?

Today is the first day of 30 posts on RS and Potato Starch...enjoy! - Tim


Is Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch GMO?

Is Bob's Red Mill Potato Starch GMO?I’ve been reading up on resistant starch and how beneficial it can be for healing your digestive tract. I’ve just started taking 1 T.* at night mixed in a little water (or kombucha or beet kvass). Pretty tasteless, and, yes, you get vivid dreams. Wow.
*Working my way up to 4 T. a day — that’s the dose.
Since genetically modified foods wreak havoc with your digestive system, I needed answers: is Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch GMO? I went to the source and asked:

Sent: Thursday, December 19, 2013
Subject: Bob’s Red Mill – Potato Starch
Hi there,
We would like to use your potato starch. Can you tell me if it is made with non-Genetically Modified potatoes?
I assume it is not organic in any way either since it doesn’t say so. Would you consider making a potato starch out of organic potatoes? Thank you.
And answered:
From: Josh Wenzel
Sent: Thursday, December 19, 2013
Subject: Bob’s Red Mill – Potato Starch
Hi Sally,
Thank you for contacting Bob’s Red Mill!
All of our products are non-GMO, including the potatoes used in our Potato Starch.
Here at Bob’s Red Mill, we have made a commitment to provide only non-GMO products. All of our products are made from ingredients that were grown from identity preserved, non-GMO seed.
Bob’s Red Mill maintains, as it has from the beginning, a strict policy which mandates that each and every one of our suppliers provide us with grain that was grown exclusively from non-GMO seed. To support our policy, Bob’s Red Mill requires that each of our suppliers sign an agreement committing to comply with that policy.
We do not guarantee the complete absence of genetic modification in our products because of wind drift, pollinators and our lack of testing equipment. Hopefully in the near future we will be able to label our products non-GMO. I know this is being looked into.
I will pass on your suggestion to carry Organic Potato Starch to our Product Development Team. They seriously consider all new ideas, so I appreciate you taking the time to contact us.
Please feel free to contact me if you need help with anything else.
Have a great day!
Josh Wenzel
Customer Service Representative
Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods
A very good answer, I thought. Plus, now they know this is important to me. I write to everyone. Except Kellogg’s. Anyone who still eats Kellogg’s is asking for trouble. Just my HO. Or maybe just my O?

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