Monday, July 14, 2014

Diabetes Warrior Part 7

It’s all over but the crying. Resistant Starch Day 25 Test 3

I’ll continue this 30 day experiment but the result is no longer in doubt. Here is my initial post on this 30 Day experiment.
As of this morning, Day 25 my average Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar while taking Potato Starch daily is … 76.04.
The 30 day test I did before using Potato Starch, on Day 25 my average was 81.08, which is approximately my average for the entire 30 days, before Potato Starch. Point being, there’s no way the outcome will change… only the margin.
If you are scratching your heads and wondering what the hell Potato Starch and Resistant Starch is all about? Read these two posts “My resistant Starch Intro.” and “Resistant Starch Q & A“.
Before examining the charts and data let me say this. Though my results have been minimal (on average), before I even started Potato Starch I had ‘normal levels of blood sugar’. The results from others with higher than normal blood sugars has been nothing short of AMAZING!
I hope you will read this post and think… “I gotta try this!” If not, why not?

The Data

day 25
There are so many variables with blood sugar it’s difficult to attempt to explain up and downs when you are talking less than 10 points.
Note: Look at Day 5 and Day 16. On those days my Overnight Fasting Blood Sugars were great despite eating a high carb food the night before. I also noticed that they trended higher for a couple of days too after eating a large Potato and Sweet Potato. I’ll experiment with that again in the future to see if it holds up. You can also see that after a couple of days of trending up, it settled back down too. :)
Note: Lastly, see Day 25!?! … I finally made it into the 60′s with my overnight fasting blood sugar reading. I’ve been in the 60′s many times these past 25 days, but this is the first Overnight Fasting Reading. :)

The Chart

Day 25 of 30 CHART, Daily Overnight Fasting Blood Sugars
Day 25 of 30 CHART, Daily Overnight Fasting Blood Sugars

This chart is a little cluttered but it’s pretty clear that the Post Resistant Starch use (and I am still using it) is lower than the 30 day data before using Resistant Starch.


I am a relative new comer to Potato Starch, staring supplementing in November. I’ve been seeing positive results in my blood sugar readings.
Here’a a post experimenting with a Big Potato, here’s a post experimenting with Intense Exercise and there will be more coming.
Other than flatulence and that has waned, I have seen nothing but positive results.
So, I’ll ask again… if you are not at least trying resistant starch (potato starch) … why not?
Your results may vary from mine. They may not be as positive… but then again they may exceed mine.
Wishing you all the best.
I take Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch as Richard Nikoley suggested.
This experiment nor this test is about ‘safe starches’ (for me)… I know that potato, rice, yams and sweet potatoes raise my blood sugar, I’ve tested them before. THIS is about experimenting with ‘potato starch’.
I want to THANK Richard Nikoley again for pushing the benefits of Resistant Starch, Here is his Primer.
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