Wednesday, August 1, 2018

SpudFit's New Cookbook!

I'm very excited to announce Andrew "SpudFit" Taylor's new potato cookbook. You can get an early-bird discount by clicking here:  The Spudfit Cookbook: A Wholefood Potato-based Guide to Eating and Living.

I've kept in close contact with Andrew for the last several years and consider him a good friend. I was very excited when he told me he was writing a cookbook. I've been mulling the idea for several years, but have lacked the drive to get started.  Cookbooks are very hard to do right.  They must be formatted perfectly and have good pictures to go along with the recipes.

Andrew not only hired a professional editor, he enlisted the aid of 80 or so diet and fitness experts to contribute over 100 recipes that feature potatoes and the main ingredient.

Go check out his sales page and his blog to order and read more about Andrew "SpudFit" Taylor and his new book. He really is "da man."

Andrew Taylor; Before and After a Year of Potatoes

Andrew and new son
Potato Hack Approved? 

Having perused most of the recipes, I'd say that nearly all of them would qualify for my potato hack rules. Some require a good bit of prep time, but none of them contain oils, added fats, or meat. If there are other non-potato ingredients, you can easily scale back to where potato is king of the dish.

Happy reading!

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