Thursday, January 26, 2017

Indiegogo Resistant Starch Project

In case you did not catch it on my Potato Hack blog, I just wanted to give a quick update on what I'm up to.

Resistant Starch Analysis Project

I started a fund-raising project to be able to test the resistant starch content in products like Bob's Red Mill potato starch, green banana flour, Hi-Maize and others. For years we've been using these products based on old research that showed these type of starches were high in RS. Most of the starches used in research are not tested for RS potency, and many of the RS studies show wide individual variations, mostly blamed on starting gut conditions. Maybe this variation is caused by differences in the RS being used.

Hi-Maize is the only RS product specifically made for its RS content.  Potato starch and banana flour are made to be used in cooking, and the makers don't care if they have high RS or not.  My "gut feel" is that potato starch and some others are very high in RS, but no one can say for certain. I've seen reports that other starches should contain high RS, but I was never confident enough to recommend them, ie. tapioca, mung bean, etc. It would be of great benefit to researchers and anyone who is interested in RS to have a database of RS contents of various starches.

Therefore, I have started this fund-raising project to get some money gathered up so that I could send samples of different starches to a lab for RS testing. Read all about it here:

Indiegogo Resistant Starch Analysis Project


The funding so far has been amazing, and almost all from blog readers. We've raised over $1000 in the first few days, enough to get some testing done. I hope to get substantially more. I've been contacting researchers and labs trying to drum up interest, but so far no one has donated from that crowd.  Perhaps labs don't have flexible spending like the rest of us.

Each test will cost between $145-200, depending on which lab and what kind of discounts I can get. To make this meaningful, it would be best to test several samples of each starch.

So...I hate to beg for money, but if anyone is interested, just click the link above, check out the project, and donate if you like. The results will benefit us all. I'll be busy trying to get more funding for the next 60 days.

A couple people asked if they could donate using PayPal instead of the Indiegogo site, and you certainly may.  Here's a link to my PayPal account if you so desire: Tim Steele's PayPal link.

I'll keep you all posted on the progress.


  1. I've donated via PayPal (address starts sarahlou28... - Wasn't sure how much to go with - hope it helps a little at least? Depends how many respond I suppose

  2. Hey Tim -

    I'm curious what your total is now considering that PayPal donations don't seem to appear on indiegogo?

    Also, I saw that "Zuvii Banana Flour" donated. I went to Amazon to find out about their product and, if everything checked out, I'd buy in preference over Wedo, just because Zuvii contributed. That's when I learned Zuvii is the new name of Wedo. That's good news! I like Wedo (and now Zuvii).

    1. I'll give a better update next week, but looks like about $700 in Pay Pal! I imagine that Indiegogo would not approve, lol, it bypasses their 5% surcharge. So mum's the word on that.

      Yep, WeDo is now Zuvii. Not sure exactly when they are doing a big launch, or what happened. I was happy to see they backed this project, I backed their's a couple years ago and have steered lots of people their way.

  3. Next paycheck, I'll donate. Also, I'll send you some of the sourdough bread so you can taste it and decide if it is worthy of testing. My daughter recently changed her mind about liking it; said it is TOO flavorful and intense. Ever since I switched from the microwave method to the Icelandic volcano method.

    1. That would be great, thanks! I won't be able to test your bread, sorry, just looking at raw starches used in research. Icelandic volcano method? Sounds cool.

    2. I'll still send you a loaf. I can probably get it tested myself. The link you posted last month said it is about $200 to get a test done.

    3. The tests I'm getting will cost $145 plus a $7 processing fee. If you donate $150 to my project, and send me some bread, I'll send in a sample to be tested. It would be fun to have a "real food" comparison in the study.

      Warning, though, shipping stuff from Canada to Alaska takes forever and is expensive. Maybe we can find a lab in Canada where it can be tested.

  4. Hi Tim, where are you at with this project? I'l like to know the findings.